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Welcome to the Dundee Guide

Here you will find information on the city of Dundee with information on attractions in the local area as well as information on the local towns close to Dundee. There is also information on the nightlife in Dundee with some recommended bars and nightclubs to visit in the city.

The Dundee Guide also has a wide selection of accommodation in Dundee with a number of hotels, hostels and guest houses in Dundee listed in our accommodation section. We also have a photo gallery of Dundee with pictures around the city of local sites and scenery.

Dundee is one of only 6 cities in Scotland and it is undergoing an extensive refurbishment program at the moment with millions of pounds being spent redeveloping the waterfront area. It is a compact city but the tourist trade is continuing to grow as more hotels and attractions are being built.

It is only an hour from Aberdeen and from Edinburgh and it is an ideal location for those looking to tour Scotland.

It is also not far from location in England, such as Wigan. Here you will find various Wigan wedding venues such as Ashfield House Hotel and more, all not far from Dundee.

You can choose from climbing Dundee Law for a panoramic view of the River Tay or exploring the R.S.S Discovery. Dundee offers plenty for the potential visitor to see and do.

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